SAP Development

The SAP ERP is software aimed for medium and big companies. This software (the ERP) allows a company to record and manage all their activity (purchasing, sales, human resources, maintenance, production, finance etc.).

The software is very complex and flexible, and can be customized to the necessity of each business. So all the operations of the company have to be imputed in SAP, and then SAP is routing everything to accounting.

SAP is built on top of a database platform, and everything is written in a custom, interpreted language called ABAP.

We do evaluation, configuration, development, deployment and user training as per the requirement of the company ranging from small company to large corporation.

We have consultants who know the SAP business well (like accounting, or warehouse management, sales, whatever) and know what the capabilities of SAP in that area are, and how it can be configured to fit the particular requirements of each business.

We also have programmers who in co-ordination with consultant receive functional descriptions from the consultants and build programs.