Open ERP Development

Organizations all across the world are shifting to a solution that automates their existing manual process and also centralizes all activities so that they could all work from one single solution – The ERP. At Sophware we understand the growing demand of such a solution and have, over the years, developed expertise in an ERP solution that cater to your daily functioning/operations and specific needs of your organization.

OpenERP is a belgium based solution which is slowly gaining a lot of popularity in India. This ERP is modular in nature and hence like a pick-n-choose model you can install just the modules that you are interested in and start working with it. Being open source enables us to customize the solution to the small specific detail of your existing process flow.

Sophware has a OpenERP SAAS model in place wherein you, the customer, don’t have invest in the infrastructure for maintaining a server. The OpenERP instance would be hosted on our dedicated servers having high end configuration and huge bandwidth. Moreover, our maintenance services would be available to make sure there is no hindrance in your day-to-day working with the system. Do contact us to know more on this.

Here at Sophware through Open ERP system we provide you with following services:

  • Adaptable workflows
  • Adaptable Interface
  • Personalised reports
  • Translation of the interfaces, changes and data
  • Server Action (additional actions configurable by the end user)
  • Convenient sending of Mail or SMS
  • Creation/editing in another object (DB table) with the displayed data
  • Execution of Python code
  • Execution of additional server side actions
  • Execution of additional client side actions
  • Chain execution of multiples actions