Functional Programming

Software development has taken the world by storm during the recent years and one of the premium approaches is that of functional programming. At Sophware we offer a range of services and solutions for our clients with a team which is committed to excellence and realizes the essence of time while delivering projects to the clients. In fact, our developers are conversant with the tenets of functional programming as we have learned the functional languages over the years. Our team of developers can write more concise codes with the help of functional programming and we have successfully managed to evade the errors that generally occur while writing codes for the clients.

Why choose us

With a whole new approach to functional programming, Sophware has come a long way in its approach of resolving some of the basic errors that commonly occurs in programming languages. The following points will illustrate.

  • As far as performance benefits are concerned, our developers have been able to extend support to the system of slow evaluation with the help of functional programming.
  • Our company has changed its approach to coding and programming with a strong team of developers.
  • At, you get value from the projects that are assigned to us. As a company located in Los Angeles, we have been providing outstanding services to our clients over a period of time.
  • The motto of our company is to change the approach of work by utilizing the features of functional programming.
  • We have helped our clients understand the value of functional programming which is relatively simple than the general modes of programming that most companies follow.

Value of functional programming

Our company has incorporated changes in writing software and developed better framework for the projects that is undertaken by our team of experts.

  • We have implemented Erlang, Scala and Haskell for our clients and brought in revolutionary changes in the world of computation.
  • As a company that intends to deliver the best to the clients, our team has approached all the variables of functional languages and has evolved as a premium service provider in the java community.
  • Our company has served different industry verticals including some of the leading telecommunication services with Erlang.
  • At Sophware, we have capitalized on the benefits of functional programming and companies handling large-scale commercial projects have chosen to stay with us for the quality of the services that we offer to our clients.

Approach to business

The value of functional programming lies in the fact that it allows developers express their intent clearly while designing software for the clients. Moreover, functional programming does not affect the projects and our developers have been able to provide better logic behind the code and stating its accuracy. With infinite dedication towards the concept of functional programming we have travelled miles and intend to partner with more clients with a comprehensive approach to the projects.